Boun Hor Khaopadapdin, The festival That Feeds The Spirits

17 Aug , 2020  

Boun Hor Khaopadapdin is an annual festival during which the people of Laos “feed” spirits with home-made parcels of food, reflecting their love, respect and gratitude for their deceased ancestors and guardians.

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Becoming a Buddhist Monk


Ordaining a Buddhist Monk

11 Aug , 2020  

Reposted from the diaries of Laos magazine n Laos, as in other Buddhist countries, men can be ordained as novice monks to live the monastic life for a certain period. It is also popular for children and teenagers to live as monks for a couple of months, during the summer holidays, as a means of […]

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Novice Monks paint Wat Mano

13 Mar , 2019  

As I passed, Wat Mano, this morning on the way to work, I noticed a swarm of Novices up bamboo scaffolding busy painting the temple. Wat Manorom, known as Wat Mano, was built to inter the ashes of King Samsenthai (1373-1416) so it is one of the oldest sites in town and quite a large […]

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